11:46pm 21/11/2010
Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover
07:56pm 09/09/2009
mood: thoughtful
i have my 1st tatoo : )
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on maters green or not   
12:53am 27/01/2009
mood: awake
I start to be really annoyed by this insane green movement and here is why, the thing is even if I believe that global warming is caused by carbon emissions, it does not even mater, oil is nearly depleted, why even bother taxing it and trying to burn it slower ? its not like we will just leave the last 10 years worth of it in the ground, we will burn it 1 way or the other all of it to the last drop, if we burn it in 25 or 40 years really does not make any damn difference, might as well enjoy it while there is still some left. Seriously people, what possible difference you will make ? if we don't burn the oil, i assure you someone will, anyone really thinks if the top 30 industrial countries would reduce they oil consumption the oil would just stay in the ground ? Oil prices would drop once again to what they where in the 70's and all the poor countries would just burn it instead of us, where we have to give up our lifestyle and for what ? To give our governments a reason to raise taxes and create new fees and penalties ? to force us to buy new vehicles every few years ? its a big scam all it is, if we save energy or not we will not put lass carbon in to the air in the long run, in fact we will put exactly the same amount if we would not even care how much energy we use in our daily life’s we will turn "green" because we WILL run out of anything burnable in the next 30-50 years (including nuclear), that’s is the reason to turn green and not to "save the planet" join me at : http://goantigreen.com (although the site might - might not be just sarcastic, i'm not)

Anyone still remember how in the 80’s our planet looked like? The beaches on the oceans where foaming, forest burned down by acid rain – standing leafless all year long, all buildings turn gray from all the smoke/smog max a month of new paint, swimming in our lakes and rivers where forbidden because the water was so acidy that it burned your skin.. I was for saving the environment just like the next guy…

look at the world today, I live in downtown, next to a freeway THERE IS NOT EVEN DUST, you can just about drink the water from our rivers and lakes, the oceans are clear, even the cities that still have some smog its nothing like the smog we had decades ago .. what the fuck is there to save ?! its freaking as clean as it can get, and all this was archived WAY before current green hysteria was born.

So every one is just bitching, its impossible to park in our cities because all spots have insane hourly fees ALTHOUGH usually 80% free parking spots in most cities, most countries you pay like 200% tax of fuel, and INSANE electricity prices.. yet the international market price for energy is not even close to what we have to pay.

Ever think about public transport (trains and busses) ? why is it that a train/bus tickets ALWAYS cost more then if you drive your car or even truck alone the same distance ? where you already are penalized by fuel taxes… subways and city bus are even worst, you pay depending the city occasionally more than if you take a taxi.. how the hell is it possible that a taxi makes profit on you, where the city public transport companies lose money and yet charge an arm and a leg for a ride or a monthly pass, but transport millions ? it would be a killer business to actually start your own city busline today… but we forced little by little to give up our personal transportation and pay this outrageous fees to get from point A to B, all with the lame excuse to save the planet, where there is nothing to be saved, the planet is just fine !

with that said i'm for what really matters: saving the forest, preserving species from extinction, limiting deep see fishing and so on, after all there are 7 billion people on this planet and they all need to eat - that IS a problem (maybe make birth control free and even mandatory in the parts of the world where it is an issue)

using less (or more expensive) energy on the other hand is not as far as saving the planet, all that is a scam from our governments as they in trade deficit with the energy producing countries, and a way to tax the fuck out of us.. way to convenient isnt it ?!

its time to fight back !
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04:45pm 10/11/2008
mood: calm
some new photos:

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03:21am 24/06/2008
mood: excited
yesterday i found a dell docking station in the trash, it works : )

on other news we look in to getting up to see the total sun eclipse up north on aug1
its a once in a life time experience to watch the sun go up (or down) with a total sun eclipse, i really don't want to miss that

the village we would have to fly or ship by is "arctic bay", its about 200km's from Toronto, not sure if we can manage financially or even if its possible, but sure i will look in to this in the next few weeks

watching the sun go up and then vanish behind the moon while going up above the snowy mountains is not something i want to miss out on, at that early in the morning you can see the sun with out sunglasses

it would be a blast, the average temperature in august is 0-10" Celsius !

i hope it all works out

it might not even work i have to analyze it a bit more, where the shadow of the moon actually is falling, that is the only village in the area, there is no roads nor ship routes, its arctic bay or nothing !

see image:

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09:07pm 17/06/2008
mood: okay
talk about spam !
i did not check this account for some time, probably wont ever again ; )
this email probably have belong to someone else before i created it
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12:19am 17/06/2008
mood: lonely
today was a bad day, every one had to work, i was all alone

the entire building was quiet all day long, except the exciding 3 minutes and 40 seconds where the drug dealer kicked in the next door guys door because he was thinking he is hiding... bet he felt all alone finding him self in an empty loft

weird even the messenger was occasionally empty, i have near 400 people added today was a record low online, occasionally less then 5, and the buddy section was often empty

what a freaking stupid day

was bored but at least still got some things done
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10:51am 05/06/2008
mood: happy
its simply nuts what people all trow away

this is what i found today just walking to mcdonalds

-epson stypus 440 (with all cables manuals, cd the whole works)
-an unopened pack of BW and color cartridges for the above printer
-an unopened pack of letter size photo paper
-3 hand calculators
-an epson USB scanner again with all cables and works
-brand new computer speakers carefully packaged
-DVD in its case "cheaper by the dozen"
-a brand new REAL leather laptop case (accessories inside still shrinkwraped)
-a black like new black/silver (looks cool) side bag
-the above bag was FULL with medications like unopened 200 pack of Tylenol extra strength
-a brand new thick designer journal, this one:http://thesacredjourney.com/store/journal/journal.html
-10 pack of maxel CDR's
-$1 something in change
-pens, markers, lighters

and a lexmark printer i was not able to cary anymore

and this is no exception, i slowly can fully furnish and eqip my new place with all designer and freaking expensive stuff

prior i found a designer computer chair,
a glass top for computer table ($90 value in ikea)
an ikea black rug, dusty but like new ($250 value in ikea)
black leather couch - used but no rips, leather looks nice and clean
ikea wood shelf system - looks like new ($25 in ikea)
21" NEC monitor - when i picked it up the guy who throwed it out saw me and gave me all the cables with it
an amplifier witch looks really cool

the sofa is even brand name, its made by http://www.bauhaus2yourhouse.com although this model is not listed any longer
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04:45am 06/05/2008
mood: horny

You May Be a Bit Antisocial...

Antisocial? That may be a bit of an understatement.

You think rules are meant to be broken - and with gusto!

Having no fear, you don't even think about consequences.

But people love you anyway... you've got a boatload of charm.

04:10pm 01/04/2008
mood: sad, lonely and restless
this clip makes me high just watching it, i miss this parties
this must be (for me) the best video i ever saw (its not the original/public version)

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Writer's Block: My Personal Style   
09:52am 25/10/2007
mood: indifferent
How would you describe your personal style?

my style in anything no mater if what i wear, how i act, how i live is; simple yet provocation, i don't mind if people associate me with certain "box'es" nor do i mind stealing ideas, in fact i love to steal ideas even more do i like to improve them

i do NOT want to be my "own" style, i rater be the "best" or the craziest of what ever "box" people like to put me in, in fact the one "box" i definitely do not want to be is the box where all the people are who consider them self "they own".. because like it or not today you say "i'm my own style"="box" then your in the same "box" like 60% of the western world...so i think i skip on that box ; )

so i like the extremes but it has to be simple and very uncomplicated

although i sadly have to admit that my "style" is starting to fade as this world becomes day by day more conservative, boring and gray, i feel to shock or impress today is no challenge any longer, no mater what age group we talking about...why take the effort its way to easy to be the "best", its a sad world this days...but who knows whats the future holds
10:25am 21/09/2007
mood: nerdy
It isn’t “cool” to Google anymore

about 10years ago yahoo was the #1 search engine, big powerful
at that time Google was a little nothing engine started by a few guys who just wanted to create a better product, and they did, time passed an as so many other great ideas after a while things started to go down hill

it is not “cool” filter result by blocking or faking search results, no mater if it financial or political, google does

it isn’t cool to have a black list of millions of IP’s, domains, entire trees of “bad neighborhoods” witch list is nothing less then SECRET and not accessible to anyone outside google

google say this is to get better search experience or to protect copyrights or in case of political sites it wont comment
.. and as for result - I do not see it
its not that hard give the same search in to other search engines and at least in my opinion the result of google is rarely the most useful this days, in fact in the last 6 months I had to often repeat my search in yahoo or msn to find what I was searching for

so putting millions and millions of web destinations in to a black hole of censorship did not improve search result any, search result is still full of spam YET websites who you like to find are increasingly vanishing, the reason for this is easy spammers do not care if they websites get censored as they robots can create 1000’s of new ULR’s a day, yet the buggy and dumb algorithms of google catch more and more websites that are actually not spam sites

and finally face it google is not an underground engine any longer;
Sergey Brin / Larry Page (tie) $18.5 billion are the #5 & #6 richest guys this year in the USA.
how “underground” can google then be ?

the fobes 400 richest guys :

honestly the only 3 reasons I still used google in the past few months
#1 I used to it / its on top of my favorites (witch I will change today)
#2 it loads faster then msn or yahoo
#3 as of now i did not find an engine with matching image search capebility

how ever msn and yahoo are not the only engines around wisenut.com is not bad

now all I would need is search result like yahoo/msn/wiseguy but functionality (image search, custom search) and speed like google
Yet for me today is the day I draw the line and I move google down on my search priority list,
I guess its still good enough to search for porn thanks to custom searches and large image database

I recommend anyone “be cool and stop using google”

My new search is www.live.com it is exactly what i wanted


if someone can figure out how i can get the version like shows here in firefox i like to know, that version and layout is just perfect, unfortunately this is the only browser and only computer live.com shows up that way (every time)

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05:21pm 19/05/2007
mood: hungry
i found a much better quality and cheaper service then skype.. and i'm so glad since skype is owned by ebay now - so i really cant stand them

it can do all skype can do as voice calls

-pc to pc always free
-pc to land line free in all countries that mater 90day from deposit and repeat after 90days
-if you do not deposit after 90days all connection fee to any country less then skype
-pc to mobile phones 10cent/min to countries that mater
-SMS 5cent
-SIP protocol ! not that useless junk skype uses !

SIP protocol means you can use good and not over priced hardware to make calls, in fact i got a TC300 for 1euro from my DSL provider, i use that 100% PC free, DSL routers have often SIP already built in to you can directly connect any old analog phone directly to your DSL/Cable router

SIP protocol also means near as good quality then we used from analog (unlike skype)

so YEEEEES take this ebay, now we just need something to replace paypal and ebay

and i did a little research, i found a messenger that  integrates SIP, AIM, ICQ, MSN, GOOGLE, YAHOO, JABBER(LJ), in other word all in one messanger
01:26am 04/05/2007
mood: accomplished
We paint and upgrade the new house, it will be weeks before it be somewhat done

Saturday we go out the 1st time in to the equitant of “kitkatclub” here in Barcelona “sociedadCerrada” witch is translated closed society (I still don’t speak more Spanish then “gracias”)

we see and hole for the best fun, fuck and new contacts : )

here some video they made from one of they last parties
04:16am 30/04/2007
mood: accomplished
got the house
painting, working on it so its not so "dry" (so its more comfy, no more white walls..ect.. the usual works)
there is a lot to do, all my muscles hurt
will post pictures later

till then some stuff i found:


1. Do you know anyone in prison?
not currently, or at least not that i know of

2. Have you ever logged onto a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush's myspace?
dont use myspace, but other websites might happened a few times in my life (for good or bad) but long long time ago

3. When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly?
never, and i never will

4. Do you have a desk in your room?
i had and i will , room in construction at the moment - just moved in (computer desk's)

5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party?
huh? what kinda party is the one where i don't get naked ? so YES, of course i cant even count how many

6. What kind of car insurance do you have?
I don't! i don't believe in insurance

7. Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents?

8. Does your "first time" still live in the same town as you?

9. Do you throw up gang signs?

10. Have you ever broken a rib?

11. Would you rather be a girl or a guy?

12. Who is the most spoiled person you know?
I would rather not say. I don't want to offend anyone

13. Would you rather have a million dollars or true love?
i dont really need money, i would never brake up with someone i'm in love with for any amount of cash (unless WE scam), how ever i take it if i'm presently not in love (because love comes anyhow later)

14. Have you ever had sex in church?

15. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend a marine??
fuck no, i would never even have sex with someone knowing that person is working for the military (or police, or borderpartol, ect)

16. Do you watch the Grammy's?
hell no

17. Would you ever work for the border patrol?
never ever, i rater clean toilets the rest of my life for free

18. Which one word would describe your last relationship:

19. Would you rather date someone 2 years older then you or 20 years older then you?
2, but i like girls younger then me

20. Have you ever had a eating disorder?

21. Do you have a porn collection?
not an extensive one

22. How many proms have you been to in your life?

23. Have you ever been in a inter-racial relationship?
no, but i would

24. Is your birthday on a holiday?
so far i know NO, in any country i know of

25. Are you old enough to vote?

26. Do you have any friends or family in the War right now???
no, i have no retard friends or relatives that work for any military

28. Do you worry about global warming?
hell no, i'm excited, no more winter, storm disasters.. hell whats there to fear?! it sounds like fun to me. i love hurricanes! till the world faces EVENTUAL serious disaster i be long dead - so what do i care. What i'm worried about that other people worrie to much and tax the fuel or air tickets and so my life will become more difficult (expensive)... IMO we should go out with a boom, use the last few decades of remaining resources in STYLE : ) i sure do !

29. Do you like polar bears?
probably fried, i don't like cooked meat that much, meat is freaking expensive this days (except chicken)

30. Have you ever been cheated on?

31. What kind of birth control do you use?
pill and sex-on-drugs (no orgasm)

32. What slang word(s) do you call marijuana?
weed, pot.

33. Are you an atheist?

34. Did you lose your virginity to your neighbor?

35. Did or do you think your childhood dreams will come true?
they already have, several times over, in fact all my dream and fantasies have
i have a hard time inventing new ones.. not bragging i think anyone can do the same if they really want to, people its all about priorities! .. well and of course those dreams and fantasies are not completely unrealistic

i have one left that i could not do yet "sex in a no gravity environment" and by that i don't mean a quicky.. i'm working on that ; ) the russian jet thing is to short with its 90 seconds - plus its not a perfect no gravity environment

36. Do you wear your sweetie's clothes?
of course, i cant remember any relationship where we did not occasionally

37. What's your opinion on gold diggers?
every one needs a hobby, a bit boring for my taste

38. Are you a country or city girl/boy?

39. Is your car a 2002 or higher?
hell no, why would i waste so much money in transportation

40. Do you floss daily?
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07:35pm 16/04/2007
mood: good
So we arrived in Barcelona, the trip was great and a lot cheaper in fuel then I was expecting, in fact the fee to use the freeways was more then the fuel it self, I think they lost it a bit charging so much, its like every 100km we had to pay ~25euros fee

So anyhow we arrived found the temp place we rented , its kinda nice, this house is also owned by a US refugee – witch I did not know when I rented, but it’s a bit outside the city and on top of a hill

the next day we got robed by some fake cops, but oh well now I know the trick “ignore non uniformed cops, there aren’t any in Barcelona, never stop the car just because someone seems to have a badge” so 1000euros lost

found a house - PERFECT, in the city ,4 bedrooms, car garage, the last house that still did not had to die to make room for huge city apartments, huge yard, and crazy huge rooftop, no neighbors and from the roof you can look over big part of the city / the hills and if I remember right even the ocean

what’s the catch ? 10 months deposit ! the owners seems never had any people that really pay rent , and by local law its like impossible to throw out people just because they don’t pay rent sometimes for years, so they scared

so in a few days we see if we get the house, then I have to look at least for 1 roomy as rent is a bit more then what I can safely afford atm.

everything is actually cheap here, not the cheapest I ever saw but really not bad, even fuel and stuff like that is at least 20% less then in germany, I don’t understand why ppl say this is expensive they must be delusional

and : no recycling , free trash pickup , no more lame fee on bottles and cans , no more returning bottles .... ahhhh its like in the good old days

once we get the house we explore the party scene as well

but before we have to go back to berlin to pick up the 2nd car and some stuff I left there

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06:51am 24/03/2007
mood: sleepy
so finally i got to it to take a pic from my new creation,
its not as cool as the roadmaster was
but considering its size its not bad find

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11:03pm 16/02/2007
  a lot going on (witch is great) but no time to post ( : / ) time and bandwidth i'm a bit short this days

well now in hungary using the 1st time 3g mobile high speed internet :

tomorrow i upgrade to bigger volume package and then i don't have to watch how many mb i use up... for now this is it as i have only 3.8mb left till i run dry and its middle of the night cant upgrade now
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electricity to the max   
10:21pm 12/01/2007
mood: busy
i had this theory that no mater how many power outlets i have its NEVER enough
i built and designed my current room, so there is an amount of electric out lets like i never seen before, and yet every day no mater what part of the room i currently em that i have problem locating a free outlet

so i counted how many outlets there actually are in my room including extension cords,
the result is shocking:

19 n,s,e walls+bed/podium
17 pc#2
59 pc#1 + hifi + w wall
4 extension heat
99 in total
with less then 15 free and most of those free because they inaccessible/blocked
and over half of those are not extension outlets but outlets i planed in to the room before i even moved in

NUTS! there is really no way one can have enough outlets
for example i have to unplug a light to charge my mobile or use the laptop in bed

and i'm lucky there is no more winter or i would need to run extra cables for the heat like lats year

global warming rocks ; ) BTW i over slept the hurricane dammit : ( maybe next time

99 outlets on the wall, 99 outlets for me.
Plug one in and let it smoke, 98 plugs on the wall.

98 outlets on the wall, 98 outlets for me.
Plug one in and let it smoke, 97 plugs on the wall.

97 outlets on the wall, 97 outlets for me.
Plug one in and let it smoke, 96 plugs on the wall.


NO more outlets on the wall, NO outlets for me.
OHH no the fuses are on fire, upps its dark for me now.
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11:16pm 06/12/2006
mood: optimistic
this i would love but for a lot less then how much it costs

unfortunately its $1100... that thats a bit (ahh very) CRAZY
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evil genius idea OR the clone solution to immortality   
05:48pm 30/11/2006
mood: lazy
So today I had problems sleeping, I was half asleep half thinking

I made a genial realization
with technology today it is already possible to live either forever or at least double life time.

there are some moral problems but very few technical problems

for years I had the idea that if one could just transfer the brain in a new body problem would be solved BUT this is not doable with today’s technology

so here are instruction … you need :
-tons of money
-remote location, where laws do not apply or not enforced (island would be optimal)
-a team of medical scientist and few doctors skilled in the correct field
-a lab on that location
-a clone of your self (preferable more in case something goes wrong)

so here is goes
once you reach the age you think in 20 years you will need the new body, you create the clone(s), the clones have to be fully grown in order for the procedure to work
so recommended age to start this should be not much more then 50 or you might be to old to survive the procedure, or you might even die before your clones grow in to usable age

when the time comes
and here is the moral problem – because you would have to kill your clone (I would have a problem with that, but not every one would)

the basically I realized that it is not necessary to transplant the entire brain, you only need to transplant the part with your memories and personality, if a little bit gets lost in the process still there is enough left to live on

1 main problem I had with complete bran transplant that the brain is connected to the brainstem and/plus the functions of the body depend on that

in this scenario how ever all such functions would still stay with the clone brain

also as it is a clone the blood circulation and other connections should be on very close identical locations, so a laser separated brain section should fit like Lego

and as it is a clone so identical DNA = no rejection problems

after a few hours to max few days the aged part should have healed together tanks to the Stamcells, and the new young clone body should help keep the aged part of the brain much longer functional

question is if the brain can heal fast enough with out failing, and bleeding or blood circulation could be a problem as well

of course 1000’s of animal test would needed to be done 1st to see if this is even possible and as practice to see what complications could come up

the moral problem could be solved if we could create a clone(s) with out activating the brain, like growing the clone in a coma so it could not develop a personality – this is how ever not possible so far I know

it is a very risky maneuver, but for ma it would be worth the risk to my self as at 75 ones life is anyhow fairly useless living in a failing and probaly sick body

clones are also an excellent source of 100% compatible spear parts, even if the brain transplant would proof as non doable
one could still squeeze out maybe even 150 years out of the old body, you can replace near all parts except the brain

although with time it would look like Frankenstein : ) BUT somehow I prefer to look like Frankenstein then the pope
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10:01pm 08/11/2006
mood: okay
so i'm really happy with the new dsl-2, its not 100% reliable but its cheap and fast, altrough browsing is the same slow - down and upload how ever is great

this was the fastest i ever see downloding so far.. 1.21MB / second

and the flue is 99% gone... yay
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09:49am 16/10/2006
mood: amused
09:08am 11/10/2006
mood: shocked
i'm honestly fucking suprised

a working energy sield ???? WTF

i wonder how the hell this works
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06:05am 28/09/2006
mood: okay

Originally posted by GrmRprRG


Originally posted by siiix

...god created man in hes image

why would need as a pure energy being legs, arms, nose, a beard, nipple or any of that stuff ? is he not invisible anyways ?

would gods appearance not suggest he was a biological life form once that had the same limitations like us ? and if this is true – does this not mean we actually worshiping one of our own that simply evolved beyond biological form , OR he not even he just used machines to do all this

and if god looks like a man; what is a woman ? a fantasy of god ?

1. You do realize you're discussing an English translation of a book written in another language. That always leads to problems. The Hebrew word "tselem" means a "representative figure," not necessarily a physical image.

2. The word used for "man" in "God created man...." is the word "adam," which can refer to an individual of a species or the whole species. Considering that the rest of that quote from Genesis 1:27 says God created both male and female in his image, it's logical from the language to assume that first part should read: "God created Man [the species] in His own image."

3. If the verse is not implicity stating that God created Man [the species] in his physical image, what else might the author of Genesis be referring to?

that is an excellent point , but we only have 2 components so far I can think of
-the hardware (looks + functions = the body)
-the software (what religious people call soul)

so if you say that god did not created man in the sense of looks/functionality in hes image, then it must be the way we think/process information, this means we run the same software then god in a different carrier(body)

at least then we know god isn’t any smarter then us : )
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03:47pm 30/08/2006
mood: tired
today i actualy left the house for more then 5 minutes, i was actualy outside for like 30 minutes, i went to a supermarket and it looked weird

hmmmm i do not like where this is heading : ) i might have to get a persciption
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02:14am 27/08/2006
Auswertung nach Kategorien
Kategorie Abenteuer Bildung Crazy
Körper Liebe/



Sex Soziales Sport
Deine Werte 3.6 3.1 6.9 7.2 5.0 8.8 4.7 2.9 9.0 3.5 8.2 5.1 1.2 8.0 1.8 9.0
Mittel aller

2.4 2.5 3.7 3.5 2.3 3.7 4.2 1.7 5.8 2.2 2.4 3.4 2.5 2.7 1.5 3.2

total i had 117

11:01am 04/08/2006
mood: good
my 1st post on my repaired LJ : )

i found this on a forum today
"never argue with an idiot because he'll lower you to his level then beat you with experience"
its sooo true : )
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09:51pm 03/08/2006
mood: excited
i think i figured out the next place i move to
in a few years of course not now

so far it looks extremely promising

the only EU spot so far away - French Guiana (bordering brasil)

look at that i feel already like home ; )

so far the only thing against it is : total population 196k - that a bit to thin
i would also think it will be difficult to get certain modern drugs (x, ghb)
other will be how ever easy to get as it is south america after all : )

na and this could be a problem or an oportunity :
Total Internet users : 3200
: ) funny, but i can always get high speed with bidirectional satelite,
when the time comes i will have to look in to this

i'm kida excited about the idea actualy
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07:52pm 02/08/2006
mood: surprised
this is really great:

there are really important new you that you do not see in the news .. weird
i mean ok its ineresting that they kill each other in israel but hey what about the rest of the planet

like its kind of ineresting that in poland drinking watter is only handed out now for watter stamps, in poland trukcs can no longer drive on the roads because the roads are melting, and in germany most nuclear power plants only work with 50% power because there is no cooling watter anylonger
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04:18pm 28/07/2006
mood: .....
and now the watter heater blow up
but HAHA it was easy to fix (i think, did not tested yet)

what up with the watter here, look at all that stuff, this is crazy
when i upened the think i could not belive my eyes
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11:50pm 26/07/2006
  not a real post
i just need to post this image in case i find someone to help me fix the layout
still $10 thank you gift is in !!!

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05:03am 12/07/2006
mood: not really happy
my computer blow up : /

i was fixing the A/C while it was turned on, a wire shorted (like usual), fuse out

everything was just fine but my computer will not turn on any longer

unless i reinstall every piece of software i have to get the exact same motherboard, unfortunately they just stoped making this exact model , so i had to get the new one - witch will 90% work with out reinstall, how ever it wont fit my procesor, so i had to get 1 of those as well

good news :
-i will have the best computer i can just think of (near 5000mhz p4 64bit) - witch i totaly do not need
-the remaining processor i can use for a PC i missing exactly that
-now i defenetely dont need to upgrade PC for like 2+ years

bad news :
-no computer till parts arrive - 5-10 days, or more
-170 euro damage ($215) - witch i could have got for $170 if i would not been in such hurry
-cant work and i really need to
-most email accounts i cant access
-cant play games

i just hope nothing else broke when the mobo said bibi

and this all to fix a damn water line in the damn airconditioner....fuck
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HELP I GO CRAZY with this junk LJ   
12:24pm 06/07/2006
mood: frustrated

for the one that can fix my LJ

easy load the style in to the html editor,
then you see how it suposed to look like
then make it that it looks again in LJ how it once was

mainly the font face+size+colors are gone
and i think the user pic is gone as well

i pay US or EU bank transfer, paypal or check
and you get a big thank you from me ; )
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03:37pm 03/07/2006
mood: okay
2 pictures that i really like from the friday party

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09:55am 28/06/2006
mood: okay
Totally Depraved
You are 11% pure!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 0% on purity
Link: The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test written by ocicat on OkCupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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01:55am 21/06/2006
mood: amused
So Janet sent me this picture series:
that she likes it
and I told her I don’t like that style
I could not respond as she signed of, so because I find my response funny I share it here

my response:

look at this one:

look she is messy but still, if you look at her its a story not a picture
then this one:

hell its like sex in a picture
and this is not bad egter:

this picture is a 80's supermodel:
you know its easy to make someone look like a doll
that’s not enough for me, its lame, every one can do that
now take that doll look and give it LIFE

that’s style, that what you want
those are the chicks that get some - and they get the right guys - the right WAY

if you a guys see a chick like that :
the idiots will be afraid to talk to them,
afraid of being eaten alive,
sadomised by her with a plunger,
they dicks ripped out if they don’t perform

and the ones that you want to "talk" to will right away take it as challenge

hell, who wants a plastic doll on the long run?
its will become boring after the 1st photo shoot
i could even see they exidentely left at the studio ... oooops

or sex:
ohh and "ohhh pleaseee my hair", let me put a pillow here before we start, "and dont shake me to much"

but try to leave the other chick somewhere even if you want to - the guys is prob. dead : )

soooooooo trust me THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT ; ) < I know you

we already invented some time ago,
we call it the “FUCKED UP MODEL” look
there are variations, from soft to hard of the style
but the difference is only:
that the soft suggest a slow painful death
where they hard will ........you know, don’t need to color it out : )
(that’s what they guy will think in case of trouble or to intensive sex)
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05:44pm 02/06/2006
mood: bitchy
got damn fuck lj, i paid for to be able to fix and still cant figure it out whats wrong
it ignores all font names, styles and stuff

the stuff looks perfect in the editor but not in lj, damit fucking corporations why they could not leave everything how it was

anyhow update on the construction:
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09:14pm 30/05/2006
mood: not happy with LJ right now
damit i know that this LJ changing ownership will bring problems, now my LJ layout is totaly fucked up, and i have to pay again to be able to fix it
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11:58am 20/05/2006
mood: amused

i like this picture : )
, although the sex toy it advertising is retarded (it’s a flexible camping Stool with hole in the seat for $99, in February is was still $190)
Of course this specific picture is nowhere to be found on they website

Anybody else think that this is a total ridiculous idea?
I would think they never sell even 1 piece of this junk for more the $10 (tops),
But it’s voted the best sex toys of 2006, and it seems to generate sells
one more proof how easy is to make money with very little to no creativity

Seriously people have no clue about anything these days anymore

this is what I invested in 64euros last week,

now that what I call a sex toy : )

this is no joke I’m serious,and this exact model on the picture (CMI PA 200A)
I did not had time to install it yet so that why the web photo only
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06:53pm 16/05/2006
mood: accomplished
ok the fuckers changed the possition of my picture :

so vote for me

and for those that do not speak german :
right next to my picture the a huge red button that states [VOTE!]
witch translates to : vote ! ; )

update on the goth bike :
pictures comming soon, i drove it today for like 30 minutes around
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02:13am 15/05/2006

vote for me : )
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03:52pm 11/05/2006
  Very well made educational/political video from the "resistance"
It’s worth the download!


even trough the footage was made 2002
Video was released a few months ago, form stolen police video footage

even the low quality is good enugh to watch!
05:58am 08/05/2006
mood: calm
I decided today that before it’s too late I fill up the basement with fuel, I was thinking so 1000liter (250gallons), that’s actually not even much – it’s only like 20 full tanks in a car, but it takes so much room that I do not know if I can fit much more in to the basement

Not only that probably if i use it in a year i triple my money (at least) but if every one else can’t use vehicles i be the last one to enjoy the freedoms of mobility for a few months longer, or in case of worse case scenario have enough reserve to take a last trip somewhere where still is some energy left – because I will not freeze my ass of on the winter if there is not enough energy to heat, nor will I burn wood to keep me warm

Besides next year or so I might like to drive to Spain or Greece that will be a fortune by then eventually

i simply cant lose on this deal, because if 1 thing is for sure then that cheaper fuel will not get anymore, in the unlikely event of best case scenario the price will stay the same

but it will the a bitch to carry down 1000 liters in to the basement
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10:30pm 30/04/2006
  so yahoo answers is new (beta)

so i tuke it on me to post of course in the religious section
(over there is a bit shorter as they have a 1000char limit)

lets hope some have more of a brain then just post back lame bible verses or not even that just the page/verse numbers
Hell and heaven? Who to believe?

-Lucifer was the 1st angel of god
-he got p’ssed about conditions & that god distinguished rights between angels & humans
-Lucifer started a revolution to change this/set this strait
-revolution was lost,Lucifer left heaven & started he’s own refuge

now I can imagine that god was not happy about this incident,& only source of info we have about hell is “him” & rumors he’s followers give

Now lets stay with common sense, would you advertise your enemies country as “land where all beings that disagree with me or won’t follow my moral codex can live together in harmony”? I guess we all know this would not be very wise of the bible to say

what better opportunity how ever to make humans scared of a place,there is no way to verify the info anyhow

besides dont you think an angel must have been fairly p’ssed of to start a revolution?no one ever maybe considered that he/they might had VALID reason for rebelling?!
Plus the fact that he had followers,so there must have been a number of angels sharing Lucifers opinions

Is it not just a bit weird he and hes followers are SO UNHAPPY that they started this on a supposedly so wonderful/magical place that every1 supposed to be endlessly happy and content for ethirnity?

Lets assume that angels as pure energy beings are free from schizophrenia or manic depression,they must have a valid and logical reason,did this not crossed your mind?

So none of you believers ever considered that a lot of information is pure propaganda to make MAN afraid of whats coming if MAN not to behave?
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06:25am 30/04/2006
mood: amused
Someone posted this on the bf2 message board yesterday about me :
" siiix is a god among men and speaks only the truth. His posts in this thread sumarise what is correct. "

: )

Fucking can’t sleep now for 40 hours, and i feel perfectly awake, refreshed, and sober WTF - I only toke a little more speed then the other and they could sleep just fine the same day, I do not know if I should be happy or worried about this as this never happened to me before like this, remember this is NOT crystal we talk about its simply European baby speed

especially I never felt after 40 hours being awake if I had just been woken up a few hours ago from a full night sleep

we see, hopefully I wont sleep the entire next week over, I have things to do
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02:34am 18/04/2006
mood: creative
Today we invented following things:
-"du geiles vollgewichstes kissen mit loechern" (refering to a girl as complimenet)
-ich bin ein druide hier drink mein saft (minimum 2 meanings apply)
version2 other meaning of "saft" - porn – “der gelbe saft der druiden”
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12:56pm 14/04/2006
mood: amused
so today AGAIN some retarded religious holyday, no one seems to know what it is (i know I could look it up, but its really not that important to me)

But here is the big funny question : it is KARFREITAG but they say it as KARLFREITAG

So who the fuck is KARL ? is that some buddy of jesus ? like did they went together in to kindergarten ? Or was it s some Germane the Romans captured and Jesus was buddy buddy with him in captivity, before he turned in to lion food and Jesus got nailed ?

But again I cant get my new TV today because this religious BS, thank you sooo much God and Karl (of course) ; )
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01:52pm 30/03/2006
mood: inspired
Today I read a random post of a guy i don’t know, it really was just a random post the website put out as sample
it inspired me, and I copied it:
There are some people who just slide into poly – it is natural to them as breathing, and the notion of jealousy is a foreign concept. For many others, there is a gap between the idea of poly and actually practicing it. Jealousy, whether it is a congenital or socially imposed emotion, presents a real challenge.

I think that jealously is one part frustration to three parts fear (he does not love me as much as he used to, she will find this other person more attractive and will not want to spend as much time with me, etc.). In my experience, fear is mostly a way to deal with the unknown. I think that a way to deal with your partner’s poly activities is through knowledge and mutuality.

Initially all of this is a bit of an uphill battle. How much literature, poetry, cinematography (let alone religion) is based upon the notion of infidelity and how to deal with it? Casting aside or overcoming all that culturally imposed data takes a bit of doing, but I think most of us agree that poly takes a bit of doing. So once again, fear is often a result of ignorance. Sitting alone and imagining her with him (or him with her) can be a wrenching experience. Seeing your partner with someone else might prove that it does not actually bother you (or maybe it does, in which case you either reassess your life style, or decide that in your case it is better NOT to be there). Then there is mutuality – it might be much easier to deal with the idea of your partner’s intimacy with someone else if you experience it as well.

Personally, I found that emotional involvement is much more challenging than the physical variety. In other words, it is much more difficult to deal with your partner falling in love than merely sleeping with someone else. Here, mutuality, or at the very least personal experience can be great aids. Having had the experience yourself – the experience of falling in love with someone else while not losing at all your emotional attachment to your primary (actually feeling your love to your primary deepening) does wonders for the dispelling the feeling of jealously and desperation when you see your primary talk about someone else with a wistful look. It is even better if both of you fall in love with a new person at the same time, but naturally, one cannot plan those kinds of things.

Eventually, with enough experience, the issues will probably mostly go away; you don’t need to spend half a night processing when your primary sleeps with someone or is bouncing off the wall due to NRE – it is part of your life, plain and simple. What I think is important is to face your discomfort at the initial stages and deal with it. Ignoring jealousy just because you are poly and supposed to be above such petty stuff could be quite harmful to your relationship, and frankly to your emotional well-being and stability.
It’s interesting how people go trough the exact same thing, still this things are remain an alien or strange concept for most people

I think I was born poly – as 1st it was just weird that I did not reacted the same in situations as others, I had different fantasies as well witch I straggly I did not saw as fantasy but nearly a goal in life, but at the same time I was confused about, plus and I was always far less jealous - and that confused me as well, what this guy here writes down I had to deal with when I was 17 but I could not sort it out till over 10 years later and even then I needed years of relevant experience to get where I’m now

is very odd how now so many years living poly I find my self like finally the world is exactly how it should been, I’m happy and satisfied, as before I did not quite find my self comfortable – I was always asking my self this is it? This is how people live? Is there really nothing more life can offer? And why I’m actually unhappy or so unsatisfied with my life? (and I do not mean this in a sexual way)

Now I’m home, no more conflicts why or how, no more confusions
I’m glad I was born with this abnormality or ability, I find in the end my life is easier and happier then other wise ever could have been, and the difficulties on the road where far worth the effort.
There where times when I was thinking “this is impossible, I should give up trying to reach something I’m not even sure exactly what” but lucky me my personality wont let such thing happen : )
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05:10am 29/03/2006
mood: ????????
You scored as Strong Egoism. Your life is very much guided by the concept of Egoism: You work primarily to promote your own interests.

�I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.�

�I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.�

--Ayn Rand

More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...




Strong Egoism










Justice (Fairness)


Divine Command




What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with QuizFarm.com
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