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on maters green or not

I start to be really annoyed by this insane green movement and here is why, the thing is even if I believe that global warming is caused by carbon emissions, it does not even mater, oil is nearly depleted, why even bother taxing it and trying to burn it slower ? its not like we will just leave the last 10 years worth of it in the ground, we will burn it 1 way or the other all of it to the last drop, if we burn it in 25 or 40 years really does not make any damn difference, might as well enjoy it while there is still some left. Seriously people, what possible difference you will make ? if we don't burn the oil, i assure you someone will, anyone really thinks if the top 30 industrial countries would reduce they oil consumption the oil would just stay in the ground ? Oil prices would drop once again to what they where in the 70's and all the poor countries would just burn it instead of us, where we have to give up our lifestyle and for what ? To give our governments a reason to raise taxes and create new fees and penalties ? to force us to buy new vehicles every few years ? its a big scam all it is, if we save energy or not we will not put lass carbon in to the air in the long run, in fact we will put exactly the same amount if we would not even care how much energy we use in our daily life’s we will turn "green" because we WILL run out of anything burnable in the next 30-50 years (including nuclear), that’s is the reason to turn green and not to "save the planet" join me at : (although the site might - might not be just sarcastic, i'm not)

Anyone still remember how in the 80’s our planet looked like? The beaches on the oceans where foaming, forest burned down by acid rain – standing leafless all year long, all buildings turn gray from all the smoke/smog max a month of new paint, swimming in our lakes and rivers where forbidden because the water was so acidy that it burned your skin.. I was for saving the environment just like the next guy…

look at the world today, I live in downtown, next to a freeway THERE IS NOT EVEN DUST, you can just about drink the water from our rivers and lakes, the oceans are clear, even the cities that still have some smog its nothing like the smog we had decades ago .. what the fuck is there to save ?! its freaking as clean as it can get, and all this was archived WAY before current green hysteria was born.

So every one is just bitching, its impossible to park in our cities because all spots have insane hourly fees ALTHOUGH usually 80% free parking spots in most cities, most countries you pay like 200% tax of fuel, and INSANE electricity prices.. yet the international market price for energy is not even close to what we have to pay.

Ever think about public transport (trains and busses) ? why is it that a train/bus tickets ALWAYS cost more then if you drive your car or even truck alone the same distance ? where you already are penalized by fuel taxes… subways and city bus are even worst, you pay depending the city occasionally more than if you take a taxi.. how the hell is it possible that a taxi makes profit on you, where the city public transport companies lose money and yet charge an arm and a leg for a ride or a monthly pass, but transport millions ? it would be a killer business to actually start your own city busline today… but we forced little by little to give up our personal transportation and pay this outrageous fees to get from point A to B, all with the lame excuse to save the planet, where there is nothing to be saved, the planet is just fine !

with that said i'm for what really matters: saving the forest, preserving species from extinction, limiting deep see fishing and so on, after all there are 7 billion people on this planet and they all need to eat - that IS a problem (maybe make birth control free and even mandatory in the parts of the world where it is an issue)

using less (or more expensive) energy on the other hand is not as far as saving the planet, all that is a scam from our governments as they in trade deficit with the energy producing countries, and a way to tax the fuck out of us.. way to convenient isnt it ?!

its time to fight back !

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yesterday i found a dell docking station in the trash, it works : )

on other news we look in to getting up to see the total sun eclipse up north on aug1
its a once in a life time experience to watch the sun go up (or down) with a total sun eclipse, i really don't want to miss that

the village we would have to fly or ship by is "arctic bay", its about 200km's from Toronto, not sure if we can manage financially or even if its possible, but sure i will look in to this in the next few weeks

watching the sun go up and then vanish behind the moon while going up above the snowy mountains is not something i want to miss out on, at that early in the morning you can see the sun with out sunglasses

it would be a blast, the average temperature in august is 0-10" Celsius !

i hope it all works out

it might not even work i have to analyze it a bit more, where the shadow of the moon actually is falling, that is the only village in the area, there is no roads nor ship routes, its arctic bay or nothing !

see image:

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talk about spam !
i did not check this account for some time, probably wont ever again ; )
this email probably have belong to someone else before i created it
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today was a bad day, every one had to work, i was all alone

the entire building was quiet all day long, except the exciding 3 minutes and 40 seconds where the drug dealer kicked in the next door guys door because he was thinking he is hiding... bet he felt all alone finding him self in an empty loft

weird even the messenger was occasionally empty, i have near 400 people added today was a record low online, occasionally less then 5, and the buddy section was often empty

what a freaking stupid day

was bored but at least still got some things done
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its simply nuts what people all trow away

this is what i found today just walking to mcdonalds

-epson stypus 440 (with all cables manuals, cd the whole works)
-an unopened pack of BW and color cartridges for the above printer
-an unopened pack of letter size photo paper
-3 hand calculators
-an epson USB scanner again with all cables and works
-brand new computer speakers carefully packaged
-DVD in its case "cheaper by the dozen"
-a brand new REAL leather laptop case (accessories inside still shrinkwraped)
-a black like new black/silver (looks cool) side bag
-the above bag was FULL with medications like unopened 200 pack of Tylenol extra strength
-a brand new thick designer journal, this one:
-10 pack of maxel CDR's
-$1 something in change
-pens, markers, lighters

and a lexmark printer i was not able to cary anymore

and this is no exception, i slowly can fully furnish and eqip my new place with all designer and freaking expensive stuff

prior i found a designer computer chair,
a glass top for computer table ($90 value in ikea)
an ikea black rug, dusty but like new ($250 value in ikea)
black leather couch - used but no rips, leather looks nice and clean
ikea wood shelf system - looks like new ($25 in ikea)
21" NEC monitor - when i picked it up the guy who throwed it out saw me and gave me all the cables with it
an amplifier witch looks really cool

the sofa is even brand name, its made by although this model is not listed any longer

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You May Be a Bit Antisocial...

Antisocial? That may be a bit of an understatement.

You think rules are meant to be broken - and with gusto!

Having no fear, you don't even think about consequences.

But people love you anyway... you've got a boatload of charm.

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