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siiix's Journal

17 April
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Logic gets in the way of faith.

My opinions of Drugs: the simple fact of "pleasure". Never forget how important
in this argument is the fear that others might actually be "enjoy-ing"
themselves. If drugs were totally decriminalised, a non- aggressive
pleasure would become possible without breaking the law. Legalised
drugs would be less appealing to lawbreaking reb-els, but more appealing
to regular people, who are surely more numerous. There'd be more
pleasure being had, how much depending on how heavily drugs are taxed.
a legalised drugs industry, like the legalised alcohol industry,
would supply a far less lethal product, of predictable strength, branded
and labelled, and sold in accordance with current contract laws, sale of
goods acts, and so on. Drugs would be like cigarettes now, that is,
their longer term dangers would be a matter of fierce controversy, but
they wouldn't kill you immediately the way Prohibition booze sometimes
did, and the way cigarettes will do if they ever become illegal, as the
anti-smoking fanatics now intend.
bottom line :
there will be always believers like me that will fight to bitter end or at least take huge risks to be able to live they life’s how they chose to, and there will be always rebels and addicts that will NEVER stop what they doing just because the system or majority is threatening with severe consequences - not even if the consequence is DEATH or LIFE IN PRISSON - like in some countries already the case, when will those morons realize that they fight a war against people that fight for they way of life, we cant give up - we cant give in, it would be wrong, they cant win, unless they put all of us in jails or kill every one of us, and would that not defeat the SUPOSED purpose ? " we look out for you so if you do not stop we simply destroy you "

Definitions of resistance on the Web:
n1: the action of opposing something that you disapprove or
disagree with; "he encountered a general feeling of
resistance from many citizens"; "despite opposition from
the newspapers he went ahead" [syn: opposition]